The Vampire Diaries + Female Characters 

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Going Under
Evanescence & PLAYED 3069 TIMES.

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Cristina and Zola’s deleted scene from 10x17

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Anonymous: I love how whenever I refresh the page, there's a different sidebar image! <3 Love your themes btw!

Thank you a lot dear! Haha I can’t help it, I have 7 different sidebar gifs for now, I can’t choose only one.

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Anonymous: I'm stuck between Nimrod/Insomniac and all the other old songs. The Insomniac artwork is awesome! But I love American Idiot too. You're right, the songs are amazing :)

I don’t know those ones, unfortunately the only “old” Green Day song I know is “Basket Case” (not surprising right). Anyway, it’s nice to talk about music with someone :)

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Anonymous: I love your music taste! what's your favourite Green Day song?

Oh thank you dear :) I don’t have a favourite song but a favourite album: American Idiot. I could listen to it for hours, all the songs are amazing. What about yours? :)

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jennifer and josh rehearsing [x]

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  1. me: i have no classes with anybody i know
  2. my parents: that's how you make friends!!!
  3. me: no

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You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a  m a g i c a l  solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to  b e l i e v e  in magic.

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